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The Black Box range of Soundproof Cabinets) (also called Acoustic cabinets feature 31 dBA of noise attenuation whilst still maintaining adequate heat control. These cabinets are available as either active cooling or passive cooling and can dissipate up to 12kW of heat in an 42U enclosure. The soundproof enclosures have been successfully tested by MIRA Test Laboratories (Sound Power Measurement in accordance with ISO3744) and are fully compatible with all the leading server brands including the full range of blade servers available.
Typical office environments tend to have noise levels of between 48dBA for a quiet office and 78dBA for a noisy office. A human whisper is around 23dBA so by using the Black Box Acoustic range of cabinets, it is possible to reduce cabinet noise to less than a human whisper — quiet enough to be unheard in a normal office environment.

Cabinet design
The soundproof cabinets are available in three heights: 12U, 24U and 42U. All are 780mm wide and 1100mm deep, perfect suitable for active network equipment, servers and blade servers alike. All cabinets are shipped with load bearing castors, to move them easily upon delivery or during cabinets relocations.

The cabinets come complete with an acoustic foam cladding to the sides and doors, which is tested for flammability to the following standards: FMVSS 302 — Pass. UI94: V0, HF1 ISO 9001 Accreditation. All the foam cladding is easily removed and heat management can be added by using the quick fit blanking panels, which add a further 0.5dBA of noise attenuation. Air flow is designed into the cabinet, with cold air being drawn into the front of the cabinets, and the hot air exhausted through the rear of the cabinets. All doors and panels can be easily removed while maintaining IT equipment.

The cabinets feature six cable entry points (three to the top and three to the bottom). They are specially designed to retain soundproof integrity and IP ranking featuring. Fully adjustable 19” rails at the front and the rear give allow convenient mounting of your IT equipment.

Active or passive Colling
Each cabinet is available in either passive cooling or active cooling configurations. Passive cabinets rely on the fans of the IT devices itself to draw ambient air from the front of the cabinet, where it flows over the equipment, and is expelled at the rear. Active Acoustic cabinets have two fans at the front door to ensure with higher heat loads. They are controlled with variable fans speeds and temperature sensors to ensure an energy-efficient operation.

Passive cooling allows up to 2,75kW of heat removal – suitable for devices such as network switches and UPS with a cumulative power consumption of 1.700 watts. Choose a cabinet with active cooling for IT devices with a total heat output at or above of 1700 watts. Active cooling can dissipate up to 12kW of heat load in a 42U cabinet.

As a further option, dust ingress protection is available through the use of dust filters. Each cabinet can also be optionally installed into the universal plinth. Finally, to complete the installation, earth bonding kits are available for both the passive and active ranges of cabinets.

- offices or retail stores
- dusty environments
- industrial environments
- Laboratories
- Schools

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