Allied Telesis IEEE 802.11AC WAVE2 WIFI 990-006554-00 CPNT

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Allied Telesis IEEE 802.11AC WAVE2 WIFI 990-006554-00 CPNT (AT-TQ1402-00)

Allied Telesis IEEE 802.11AC WAVE2 WIFI 990-006554-00 CPNT

  • Nopeus 1.167Gbps
  • Tyyppi Yhteyspiste

Hybrid 2-radio 802.11ac Wave 2 Wireless Access Point
The Allied Telesis TQ1402 is a hybrid 2-radio wireless access point based on IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 technology with two spatial streams to deliver a raw capacity of 1.167 Gigabits.

The innovative Channel Blanket hybrid mode of the TQ1402 enables optimized wireless networking for all environments. By allowing simultaneous multi-channel and single-channel WLAN connectivity from the same access point, network administrators can combine the performance attributes of the two architectures to best suit their specific deployment requirements.

The TQ1402 has a single 2.4GHz radio and a single 5GHz IEEE 802.11ac radios, and supports Multi-User Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MU-MIMO), allowing multiple clients to send and receive data at the same time, substantially increasing throughput. Combined with a comprehensive feature-set, the APs provide a superior wireless solution for customers from SMBs to large Enterprises.

Smaller businesses can operate the TQ1402 in standalone mode, using its intuitive web-based user interface. For larger installations it can be managed by Allied Telesis Autonomous Wave Control (AWC). With AWC, the wireless network is regularly analyzed, and APs are dynamically updated to reduce interference, minimize coverage gaps, and optimize performance—all with no user intervention. Allied Telesis network management platform, Vista Manager EX, has an AWC wireless management plugin that supports up to 3,000 APs.

Flexible deployment options enable easy installation, with the TQ1402 able to be used on the desktop or mounted on a wall or ceiling. Power may be supplied by Power over Ethernet, for the simplicity of having the Ethernet network connect and power the APs, or by an optional AC power adapter.

- IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 to increase throughput
- Dual-radio, with Band Steering for a better user experience
- Virtual APs with Multiple SSIDs
- Captive Portal for easy user management
- Dynamic VLANs for automatic user assignment
- Web-based user interface for easy management and monitoring of a single AP
- Centralized management, and automated wireless network optimization, of up to 3,000 APs with AWC
- Support up to 200 clients per AP on the 5GHz band
- Airtime Fairness to ensure fair and predictable sharing of bandwidth
- Fast Roaming enable users to seamlessly move between AP

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